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Hi there, my name is Devin and when my friends and family get ready to move to a new house, they always call on me to help. I own a large box truck that I use for my work, and when someone needs to move, I use my truck to help them move. Because I've done this numerous times, I've learned many things about moving. The good thing is that I can offer sound advice when a problem arises. Since I'm the guy that everyone needs when they move, my friend suggested that I write a blog. After thinking it over, I realized that many people would be able to benefit from my experience with moving and so this blog was born. I hope that by reading this blog, it will help you when moving.

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Getting The Most From Your Moving Truck Rental: 4 Ways To Maximize Efficiency

Moving isn't something anyone usually looks forward to, in terms of the packing and hauling from one location to another, but what most people fail to do is plan accordingly, then execute that plan with maximum efficiency. You, on the other hand, are going to make this move a success. Here's how you're going to do it while using moving truck rental services: 1. Compare Prices And Services Looking for a local service may be your best option; however, depending on your specific needs, something a little further away or even closer to your new home could work out better. Read More 

Tips For Choosing The Right Moving Company

Moving is a big job, regardless of whether it is a local move or a long-distance one. Hiring a moving company can ease your stress and make your life much easier. But the key is to hire the right moving company. Use the following tips for help you choose the best company to help you with your move: Plan in Advance The best moving companies are often booked far in advance of a moving date. Read More 

Tips For Relocating Your Office

Relocating your office can be a huge task, so it is best to begin preparing as far in advance as possible. With some effort and organization, your commercial relocation should happen without issues. Use the following tips to help ensure your office move goes smoothly: Establish a Moving Date The earlier you establish a moving date, the better. It is typically best to do the relocation outside of regular business hours in order to not disrupt day to day tasks. Read More 

Understanding Your Rental Contract: 3 Terms & Conditions That Might Result in Fines if Violated

It's easy to find a storage unit close to your place of residence considering the fact that there are more than 48,000 primary self storage facilities in the US. Each self storage facility is privately-owned, and will have its own rules and policies. If you violate and break the set rules enforced by each self storage facility, you could find yourself facing some pretty hefty fines. The rules will be outlined in the terms and conditions of your rental contract, so be sure to pay attention and read the contract carefully before you sign. Read More 

Make Downsizing A Lot Easier By Renting A Storage Unit

Storage units are ideal for storing things for a few weeks or a few years, and they are very affordable to use. If you are preparing to downsize from the house you have lived in for years, you may want to consider renting a storage unit to make moving easier. Here are a few reasons this can be helpful and some tips to help you make this downsizing move a lot easier for you. Read More