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Hi there, my name is Devin and when my friends and family get ready to move to a new house, they always call on me to help. I own a large box truck that I use for my work, and when someone needs to move, I use my truck to help them move. Because I've done this numerous times, I've learned many things about moving. The good thing is that I can offer sound advice when a problem arises. Since I'm the guy that everyone needs when they move, my friend suggested that I write a blog. After thinking it over, I realized that many people would be able to benefit from my experience with moving and so this blog was born. I hope that by reading this blog, it will help you when moving.

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Tips For Relocating Your Office

Relocating your office can be a huge task, so it is best to begin preparing as far in advance as possible. With some effort and organization, your commercial relocation should happen without issues. Use the following tips to help ensure your office move goes smoothly:

Establish a Moving Date

The earlier you establish a moving date, the better. It is typically best to do the relocation outside of regular business hours in order to not disrupt day to day tasks. Make sure that you have the moving date in writing from the owner of the building you are moving into so you can give your current landlord proper notice. The last thing you want is to pack up your whole office only to have problems moving into your new building.

Know the Insurance Requirements

Most commercial buildings have strict insurance requirements for moving companies that will be unloading your office equipment. It is essential to know what these requirements are so you can hire a moving company that has enough insurance coverage to satisfy the requirements. Make sure that the moving company is able to provide you with a copy of their insurance certificate-- there is a good chance that the owner of the building you're moving your office into will want to see it.

Get Several Quotes

Hiring an experienced moving company is one of the keys to a successful office relocation, so begin getting quotes as soon as you establish your moving date. Booking a moving company as far in advance as possible will help ensure that the best company has availability of your date. When searching for moving companies, make sure that you look for one that is highly experienced in office relocation, since commercial moving services can differ from residential moving services.

Appoint a Moving Manager

When it comes to relocating your office, it is better to have one person who is in charge of attending to all the details. This will help ensure that no details are forgotten and that everyone is on the same page when moving day arrives. On the day of the actual move, it is a good idea to have as few employees onsite as possible. Ideally, there should be one person in charge of overseeing the move out of your current office and one person taking care of the unpacking in the new office. The fewer people involved in the office relocation, the less confusion there will be.