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Hi there, my name is Devin and when my friends and family get ready to move to a new house, they always call on me to help. I own a large box truck that I use for my work, and when someone needs to move, I use my truck to help them move. Because I've done this numerous times, I've learned many things about moving. The good thing is that I can offer sound advice when a problem arises. Since I'm the guy that everyone needs when they move, my friend suggested that I write a blog. After thinking it over, I realized that many people would be able to benefit from my experience with moving and so this blog was born. I hope that by reading this blog, it will help you when moving.

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5 Convenient and Time-Saving Services Your Professional Movers Can Offer

Whether you are planning a move to a nearby city or town or are planning to move across the country, there is much to be planned and considered. Moving can be a hassle if you choose to take it on all by yourself. Even with friends helping you move, you face the challenge of packing, unpacking, assembling, disassembling, and hauling heavy items to and from your starting point and destination. Hiring professional movers is a logical solution that can save you time and prevent injuries as well. For those who are willing and able but lack the moving essentials, moving companies offer all the necessary supplies to get you moving in the right direction. For your move, consider the advantages of hiring the pros for any of the following services they may offer.

1. Packing Materials and Supplies

Before you move, be certain you have the proper supplies to get the job done. Your professional movers offer boxes from the smallest size to the extra-large wardrobe-box size. Everything from clothing to dishes to antiques will be protected when you choose these high-grade boxes from the experts. Movers also offer packing paper or tissue, newsprint, bubble wrap, and sealing tape. They even sell permanent markers to label your boxes as well as resealable plastic bags to hold small parts such as nuts and bolts.

2. Storage Options Prior to the Move

If you have bulky furnishings or other household goods that you may not be using, ask your professional moving company about storage options. Storage is also a good idea for belongings that are not able to be placed in your new home right away due to renovations or other issues. You might choose a climate-controlled storage unit or an exterior drive-up unit, so consider your options carefully.

3. Packing Your Belongings for the Move

If you are busy with work and family commitments, you may not have the time that's needed to pack your belongings yourself. Not only is this job one of the more time-consuming moving chores, but it can also be a daunting task. Do you know how to safely pack your valuables for the move? Do you know the correct packing materials to use? Professional movers have the crates and packing essentials to safeguard your things. It may be well worth the extra fee to ensure your peace of mind and to save you quality time to concentrate on other important details.

4. Assembling and Re-Assembling Furniture and Other Household Goods

There may be certain household items and furnishings that require dissembling when moving. For instance, your bed frames may need to be taken apart. Other furnishings, such as large entertainment centers, may be best taken apart for the move, as it will be lighter and cost less to move them this way. However, disassembling these pieces yourself can be a time-consuming effort. Why not have the movers do this for you? In addition, ask about re-assembling the pieces once they arrive at the destination. Many moving companies offer this service.

5. Unpacking Your Belongings Upon Arrival at the Destination

Upscale movers not only offer packing services but also may do unpacking for you as well. For many busy individuals and families, this is a much-needed service. Moving companies offering this service will have your things unpacked in an efficient manner so you can have everything at your disposal when you need it. If you choose to do the unpacking yourself, this task could take days or even weeks. Why have a messy home littered with boxes and cartons when you can have everything neatly unboxed in a short amount of time?

Inquire the company you are working with, perhaps Bekins Van Lines Inc, about any or all the above services before your move-in day so you will be prepared. A simple at-home estimate can determine the fees involved for the extra services.